Activities in February: Candle Workshops & Meetup

Remote work is gradually becoming a hot trend nowadays, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. For many people, it is still strange a bit. They wonder how to work without face-to-face communication or how to stay connected to their team if we are all remote. However, at Boost the problems are solved because we have built and developed the workflow to adapt to this working style since the very first days. And now it becomes the special culture of Boost. Besides, we regularly organize monthly activities so that Boosters have the chance to meet each other even though we live in different areas. Let’s explore what activities we had this February!

candle workshop boost commerce
Making candle class for the Hanoi team

One of the most outstanding activities at Boost we have to mention is the offline meet-ups which are hosted every month in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City and recently in Da Nang. It is not only an occasion to see new members whom we’d never met before in person but also to meet our beloved colleagues. At Boost, we see our members as brothers and sisters, with whom we can share a lot of things both in work and daily life.

candle workshop saigon team boost commerce
Making candles class for the Sai Gon team
candle workshop boost commerce da nang
Making candles class for the Da Nang team

Normally, meetups are combined with a co-working session on the same day, daytime for working, and nighttime for relaxing. These activities are always constantly maintained and kept doing to increase the connection between members in a fully remote company like Boost Commerce. Working remotely is fun! But attending a co-working day with your colleagues doubles the fun indeed. Putting work aside, we are a family without hierarchy, no border, and no distance between bosses and employees. We are buddies!

boost commerce coworking
Co-work with buddies
boost commerce meetup
1,2 ,3 “Cheers!”

This month, we also celebrated a candle-making workshop organized by DIY House, SAVE, and Tadaa with the participation of Boosters in Hanoi, HCM, and Da Nang. We had a happy time and wonderful experience together when making colorful and beautiful candles on our own.

candle-making workshop
Let’s enjoy your achievement!

It was a lovely relaxing way to spend the day. We love candles and this was a great opportunity to make our own. It was fascinating learning about the process and fun getting to try it out. We enjoyed mixing our own fragrances to take home as well, and it was interesting to see the different combinations that everyone came up with. A very enjoyable day and gained some knowledge of candles and came away with some great gifts.

candle making workshop in saigon
Take your candle and light the world

It is undeniable that co-working and meet-ups or offline workshops offer social opportunities, networking prospects, and general human interaction for those who work remotely. Thank you everyone for joining us today, it was a wonderful day full of happiness and laughter with amazing Boosters. Hope to see more and more new members join our team in the upcoming events.

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