Boost Company Trip & Year-End Party 2022

To kick off 2023 with a bang and celebrate 2022’s achievements, Boosters spent a two-night vacation in Bangkok, Thailand 👑 in January. This is our first oversea trip after 2 years of the coronavirus outbreak.

More than a trip, this is a journey of connecting and understanding, helping Boosters to regenerate energy after a period of hard work, and experience new things with colleagues together 🥳.

There is nothing remarkable about the New Year except we decide to make it so

🎉 The Boost family had a chance to explore that Thailand is not only home to rich and diverse culture, but also a land of friendly and helpful locals. Boosters enjoyed and visited famous places in the land of Golden Pagodas.

Boosters at The Grand Palace
Boosters at The Grand Palace

Also on this occasion, Year-End Party was organized successfully to say goodbye to 2022 and celebrate the New Year 2023 with the theme Boostellar ✨Together✨We✨Shine✨. The party took place in a solemn and cozy atmosphere in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon.

🎊 This is an opportunity for all members to look back at the achievements in the past year, and set new goals for 2023. This is also a time to reward Rookies and Boosters of the year, who had outstanding performance and contribution.

🥳 We appreciate each Booster’s commitment, hard work, and dedication. Thank you for staying with Boost. We wish you many more successful and amazing years with us.

The trip is also a chance to connect closer and tighten the solidarity among members through activities, exchanging, and helping each other during the journey. This is our philosophy from the very first day.

❤️ Once again, Boost Commerce would like to send sincere thanks to all Boosters for accompanying the Boost family for 3 days and 2 nights and most importantly, for the enthusiastic participation of all members of the company. Hope that this Company Trip is one of the happiest, loveliest, and most wonderful memories that Boost members have experienced together. See you on the next trip! 💕

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