International Women’s Day: The Untold Stories of Boost Ladies

🌹 In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to celebrate the incredible women who are making strides in the tech industry. This month’s blog will help us to discover stories of Booster ladies’ perspectives on the industry, challenges they have faced as a woman in tech, and advice they have for aspiring professionals. Each of them is a unique flower in the Boost flower garden, has its color, and shines in its own way.
Stay tuned for more information and inspiring stories!

International Women's Day Boost Commerce
Tris – Machine Learning Research Engineer

Machine Learning is one of the most cutting-edge fields in the tech industry. Tris – our little girl chooses to become a Machine Learning Research Engineer for her career path.
Deciding to follow the major in Mathematics and Information, Tris satisfied her own interests with both Maths and Computer Science. She believed that as a “rigid” person, engineering would be a better fit for her than economics.

She enjoys working with clear, logical concepts, which drew her towards this field and eventually led her to end up in the IT industry.

When Tris first entered college, becoming a Machine Learning Engineer was not a part of her plan. It was not until her second and third year of university that Tris was introduced to the field of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning by her teacher, Mr. Ngoc, who had a Ph.D. in Graph Theory and had worked on many Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning projects. Gradually, she became more interested in AI and decided to pursue it.

She said: “I am facing the same challenges as everyone else because the field of Artificial Intelligence has become extremely popular in recent years, leading to higher competition in the profession than ever before. The rapidly evolving technology sometimes overwhelms me, as it is difficult to keep up with updates. However, on the flip side, I have the opportunity to meet and work with many talented colleagues and friends in Boost Commerce and learn a lot of knowledge from them without having to search far. I am very grateful for this.”

Sharing about the challenges for a woman working in the IT field, she said that she has not encountered any biases since starting working. Perhaps it is because now it is more common for women to work in IT and be recognized by everyone. As a result, she even feels quite privileged to be a woman on the team. Usually, because there are few women on the team, everyone cherishes and even pampers her a bit, and she gets scolded less than her male colleagues, for example.

International Women's Day Boost Commerce

Especially according to research, being female gives a significant advantage when applying for Ph.D. scholarships, for example in the US, where candidates with female profiles are highly encouraged.

Also following the Information Technology field, Hannah, a beautiful lady with a charming smile, working as Front-end Developer at Boost, has her own story.

International Women's Day Boost Commerce

Hannah decided to study technology because it is an opportunity to combine her analytical skills with her creative abilities. And up to this moment, she feels her choice could not have been better. It has given her a lot of good job opportunities, as well as the opportunity to develop herself.

❤️ For her, starting a new project or new job is a new opportunity and a new challenge. She needs to focus on and research new technologies as well as improve the available knowledge to best meet the job. As a developer, she is constantly learning and improving herself.

Sharing about her challenges when working a male-dominated job, Hannah said that “Challenges always come with opportunities. So when women work in a field where the majority are men, we take advantage and maximize the advantages of women. It is perseverance, meticulousness, hard work, and thoughtfulness. Besides, it is also an opportunity to learn expertise that up to now we think is only easy for men.

International Women's Day Boost Commerce

Today we see women creeping in and taking positions that have traditionally been held by men. So women need to be self-confident and constantly learn to develop themselves. That’s what we need to do to affirm the position of women in the new era“.

Not only Tris, and Hannah, but also each Boost girl has their own stories with different special personalities, perspectives, and interests in Information Technology. All of them create a Boost Commerce team with colorful working life. This demonstrates that only when we do what we love with passion and excitement, our life will be filled with happiness and joy.

On behalf of the left half of Boost, we would like to wish all Boost beauties always stay confident and beautiful. And every person on the road to happiness will find a love that fits you. 💕 💕

International Women's Day Boost Commerce

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